If you are just getting started as a full stack developer or if you want to stay on top of your game it’s a smart idea to listen to podcasts.

No matter what stack you prefer working with, I highly recommend to subscribe to a diverse selection of podcasts.

That way you will not only be able to stay on top of what is happening across all different stacks but also learn things you wouldn’t have during your day-to-day coding activities and make more informed decisions.

My podcast playlist contains a mix of technical and conversational podcasts which makes of a good pool of topics I can listen to on a daily basis, depending on my mood.

Before We Start… Some Common Objections

I am too junior. I can’t understand a single thing.

Don’t worry. Just start with more conversational podcast episodes try to follow along.

I don’t have much time to spend on a podcast.

The perfect time to listen to a podcast is during a daily commute. Often times the episodes are so engaging that you forget you reached your destination.

I can’t find any good podcasts to follow

Well, that’s what this post is for! Here are my favorites…

Podcast List

Ruby & Rails

The Ruby On Rails Podcast (website) (podcast)

Ruby Rogues (website) (podcast)

Javascript Specific Podcasts

Javascript Jabber (website) (podcast)

Adventures in Angular (website) (podcast)

Web Development and Programming Podcasts

Herding Code (website) (podcast)

The Web Ahead (website) (podcast)

Shop Talk (website) (podcast)

The Changelog (website) (podcast)

The Big Web Show(website) (podcast)

Technology Podcasts

This Developer’s Life (website) (podcast)

The Vergecast (website) (podcast)